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Grand Opening

Kitty Hardy

Wow! What a journey! It was quite the learning curve for me, to go from a woodland faerie with a lack of technological literacy, to opening a web~store and learning all the intricacies of this world wide web!
The first step has been taken, the long and winding road is ahead. As I rambled through life taking seemingly random paths and tangents that I thought led me nowhere, I was actually learning everything I needed to so that I could become a self-sustaining, empowered human!

I spent a lot of time between high school and university immersed in the clothing industry, working every position from floor clerk to manager to purchaser to merchandiser. I learned a lot about fashion, about the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry. I thought for a long time I wanted to be in fashion, to design clothes and own a business. I send my thanks and love to the stores and mentors that shaped me, my unique style and my ability to create magical outfits out of seemingly disparate threads. Thank you Donna Riopel, Heather McQueen, Lucy Delia, and the countless beauties I have worked with over the years in the fashion industry. 
My interesting stint as a personal shopper for very wealthy ladies taught me how to interweave their unique styles with my tastes in clothing. A short-lived venture, but very fun and educational!
When I went back to school to learn creative writing I thought I'd left the world of dress-up behind, little did I know, it was not a tangent at all, but a path I had to walk to learn what I'm really passionate about, and how to create material abundance with those skills. I was never really lost at all. I never lost sight of my path or my vision and now looking back I see all the randomness as part of a wild pattern, like paisley ~ my favorite!
I get the feeling that my forays into writing, learning about natural medicine, growing food, wild-crafting, organizing events, divination and astrology, my love of cats and my passion for eccentric clothing will all somehow be woven together like my matchy-clashy outfits and become a part of my story. I look forward to the process and I'm excited for the journey! 
Remember, everything you do in your life, no matter how seemingly random or discordant with your vision, is exactly what you need and where you need to be to fulfill your unique purpose.
Thanks for reading and for being a part of my story!
~Kitty Lovenlight


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