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Kitty Hardy

Though I am an English Major and writer and thrive in the linguistic arts...I lack the words to express the indescribable bliss that comes from placing a beautiful item in the right hands and receiving in turn financial well-being! I can only come close to evoking it by saying it is like warm, yellow light emanating from the universe. Mmmmm...magic!
I've had dreams for a long time of becoming self-sufficient in every way and knew that remaining conventionally employed did not fit this vision. I've loved my various roles contributing to someone else's dream...but they were just that, someone else's dream. Though I have made precious little in the way of money so far on the site, my notoriety and inventory slowly builds.I have unwavering faith in the future success and potential of this venture. I received divine guidance to energize this venture and I trust the process wholeheartedly!
I truly love what I am doing for myself, finally! In fact, I believe this is the first thing I have done solely for myself. I did not believe myself worthy of my own energy for most of my life. That I also get to help people feel magical and comfortable in what they are wearing is an added bonus that warms my Cancerian heart and excites my Gemini soul! 
The beautiful thing is that this store, being born of my own ideas and energy, is an extension of my joy and my purpose. And as it evolves, so do I. It has already been such a learning curve for me. As anyone who knows me well can attest, I am mostly technologically illiterate. So learning to create this experience from the ground up was quite the undertaking. And through it I proved to myself I could do something that I never thought I could! That is bliss!
Stay tuned as my adventure unfolds! The main intention of the site was to spread the joy of the treasures I unearth, and to sustain me and be sustainable even as I travel and embark on new, unknown adventures when I finish my degree in the spring! 
My heart overflows with gratitude for the support of everyone I have met on my wayward path! A special thank you to my beautiful friend Tess for her advice and contributions. To my powerful wizard man Kilian for his immense love and support (and photographic skills). And to the lovely Heather Hunter for being the first fairie adorned in one of my treasures!
Thank you for joining me! <3
Love and Light,

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