Sustainable Fashion
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About Us

I love helping people express their truest selves with confidence in the world and find in turn that the people with the best style are those that look exactly like themselves. So I find and create pieces that are one of a kind and help them to find the person they were made for.
I accomplish my goal by venturing into the depths of thrift & vintage stores to unearth forgotten treasures. I then mend, rework, upcycle and re-purpose them to give them another chance at life.

I've found it very difficult to craft a truly individual style from the fickle industry of fast fashion and passing fads and having worked in it for years, I saw first hand the wastefulness, the unethical practices and the pollution and destruction this industry creates in its wake. (See me blog for a more in-depth discussion of this problem).
Kitty's Bohemian Boutique exists as an alternative to fast fashion, an active member of the slow fashion movement and an avid supporter of a more ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly way to craft your personal style. 
~For 'There is no Beauty in the Finest Cloth if it has Caused Suffering or Unhappiness'~