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'Elation' Upcycled Necklace


From birth to death, everything in between is the life you dream! This piece evokes the journey of life. From the rose quartz at the top, symbol of perfect innocence, of birth, pure love. Then moving through lessons of duality and balance in the opposing, yet united triangle shapes, and each crystal is a milestone, an experience that made you more whole, more uniquely you and accomplished in your life's goals...and then the bone, symbolizing death. Which is, after all, just a new beginning. 

Each pendant comes with your choice of chain or hand-spun nettle cord. 

ReWired is a line of jewelry handcrafted by Kilian O'Donoghue, using Upcycled materials. Bones found while foraging in the woods, wire repurposed from inside old electronics, and beads from broken jewelry found while thrifting.

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